Our Advantages

Why Trade with Us?
Join the rapidly growing list of traders and money managers who have discovered the advantages of foreign exchange trading for their clients and individual trading portfolios. We are confident that after learning more about MS's products, you will decide that MS is the right foreign exchange partner for you.

Transparent Real-Time Bid/Offer Pricing Available
MS's business model is to provide interbank market maker prices to our clients. This business model allows our clients to take the trading risks while we concentrate on facilitating their trades at the best possible prices. It allows us to avoid the conflict of interest where some firms may put their trading P/L ahead of their clients. Instead we look to foster a team oriented relationship - clearly separating execution from trading. For Individuals: Receive transparent pricing that allows you to maximize your trading profits. For Investment Managers: Receive the best possible pricing for your trading, maximizing your profit potential for your clients. For Introducing Brokers: We share the same business model. We want our shared clients to trade profitably so that our returns are maximized. We don't look to put your client out of business by manipulating prices to our advantage and to your clients' disadvantage.

Around the World & Around the Clock
Foreign Exchange trading is a 24-hour a day, 5 plus day a week market that trades from time zone to time zone around the globe. From 5:00 PM EST on Sunday to 4:00 PM EST on Friday, MS customers have real-time access to live trading prices. Comfort of consistent and constant liquidity gives our clients trading flexibility around the clock.

Top Technical Charting Capability
MS's trading platforms incorporate full charting packages with tic charts, and minute, hourly, daily and weekly charts. Chart types include candlestick, tic and bar charts. Bollinger Bands, Trend Lines, Moving Averages, Stochastic, MACD and Momentum can also be added.

Deposited Funds Policy
Being associated with a firm like MS, one that was founded by a global brokerage operation, gives our customers peace of mind. Client funds are segregated from MS Corporate funds and receive priority in the event of bankruptcy.

MS does not charge a commission on transactions executed on its standard retail platforms
The price you deal on is the "all in cost" to you. MS is compensated through a portion of the bid/ask spread. In addition, there are no hidden setup fees for opening an account. MS also offers commission based platforms for institutional quality accounts.

Redundant and Secure Applications
MS's trading platforms are fully redundant and secure applications. The applications were built with the latest technology to insure that you can enjoy un-interrupted service 24-hours a day. We also employ a multi-level security scheme that protects your information while maintaining confidentiality. MS is not responsible for system failures or latency caused by high trading volumes.

Multi-Language Capabilities
MS's trading platforms are designed with multi-language capabilities. Introducing Brokers offer MetaTrader technology to global customers in 26 languages. Contact MS representative today to begin customizing your language preferred platform.