Highest liquidation
The trading volume in Foreign Exchange Market is over 5 trillion dollars on average per day. It can be called as the market with the highest liquidation in the world. So, traders can come and go in any market situation. There are almost no obstacles or risks on implementation and no limits of daily trading volume, either.

24-hour trading
One of the biggest advantages in foreign exchange trading is that it can be carried out for 24 hours every day, which enables the investors make response to and take advantages of the market fluctuations at any time.

No one can corner the market
Because of the hugeness of the foreign exchange market and the large amount of participants involved in, no single entity can control the market price for long. Central Bank is no exception. And even the powerful interference of Central Bank has also become more and more invalid; besides, the length of time for the influence it puts on the market has become shorter and shorter, too. So, the Central Bank becomes more and more unwilling to control the market price.

Always a bull market
Foreign exchange market uses one kind of currency to buy and sell another kind of currency. So the bull or bear markets are determined by the relative value of this currency when compared with other currencies. If this currency has a promising prospect, then the traders will gain benefits by buying this currency with other currencies, thus come up the bull market; on the contrary, if the currency has a negative prospect, then the other currencies will become the bull market and the traders can gain benefits by selling this currency. Anyway, traders always have a certain bull chance of trading.

2.Calculations of Profit/Loss

Calculations of Profit/Loss
((1) Profit/Losses of Valuation Currency USDJPY, USDCHF and USDCAD (Selling price - buying price)*contract value*amount of contracts/closing price = profits/losses valuated by USD
(2) Profits/Losses Valuated by USD EURUSD, GBPUSD and AUDUSD (Selling price - buying price)*contract value*amount of contracts = profits/losses valuated by USD

*The above way of calculation does not include the commission fees.
*The above terms and conditions will be adjusted to the market. Please refer to the announcement given out by our company or contact us for the latest information

3.An Example of Foreign Exchange Trade

GBPUSD rises from 1.5530 to 1.5630
If a customer with standard account carries out the following trade:

Leveraged Trading
Opening Price:1.5530
Trade Size: 100,000
Cost of Investment: 1,000
Close Price: 1.5630
Points of Profits:1.5630-1.5530=0.01000=100 pips
Value for 1 point: $10
Net Profit/Net Loss:1,000
traditional Trading with No Leverage
Opening Price:1.5530
Trade Size: 100,000
Cost of Investment: 100,000
Close Price: 1.5630
Points of Profits:1.5630-1.5530=0.0100=100 pips
Value for 1 point: $10
Net Profit/Net Loss:1,000

*The above calculations do not include commission and rate of fees.